Arvutaja (Estonian for "the one that computes") records a speech input, interprets it as an expression or command, and evaluates it (or carries it out) using an app on the device. Supported inputs include arithmetical expressions, measurement unit and currency conversion expressions, alarm clock / timer setting commands.

Arithmetical expressions

Arbitrarily long arithmetical expressions with numbers between -1012 and 1012 (including some decimal numbers), with the main operators ("plus", "minus", "times", "divided by", "to the power of").

nine hundred and ninety nine billion nine hundred and ninety nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine point nine
pie plus one minus two times three divided by four to the power of five
minus twelve point thirty four plus zero point one hundred and twelve

Arvutaja computes the result but links to WolframAlpha for a more detailed analysis.

Unit conversion

Unit conversion expressions with about 50 main units and currency conversion with about 15 currencies.

convert thirty two point five Fahrenheits to Celsius
convert one hundred point one miles per hours squared to meters per seconds squared
convert two cubic inches to gallons
convert twelve thousand three hundred and forty five Norwegian crowns to Euros
convert half American dollars to New Zealand dollars

Arvutaja computes the result (unless the expression is a currency conversion expression) but links to WolframAlpha for a more detailed analysis.

Alarm clock and timer

Commands for setting the alarm clock and the timer.

set the alarm at seven thirty one
set the timer for fifteen minutes
set the timer for two hours and fifteen minutes

Arvutaja forwards the command to the device's alarm clock app.

Dialing a number

Dialing a phone number by listing its digits.

dial one one eight two

Arvutaja forwards the command to the device's phone app.

Variation in the input

In principle the input must follow the fixed syntactic structure displayed in the above example sentences, but some variation is supported, e.g. requests can start with "please" and calculations can be formed by "how much is … in …".

please set the timer for fifteen minutes
please convert one speed of light to meters per second
how much is one speed of light in meters per second

Other input languages

Arvutaja supports also Estonian language input, with additional queries such as Estonian address queries.

See also

Arvutaja uses grammar-based speech recognition. The grammars are written using the Grammatical Framework and developed in the Grammars project. In addition to many example sentences, also the full source code of the grammars is available, e.g. to find out which units are available in English look at the source code of

Grammar-aware speech recognition is provided by the Kõnele app.