This page describes a dependency tree and predicate-argument structure visualizer which is implemented in Perl and saves into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). There are different ways to visualize dependency trees (e.g. Prague school, Melchuk, Connexor, Link Grammar, etc). Our inspiration has been the trees from the papers by Duchier and Debusmann, see e.g. XDG.

Example output

The words of the sentence are represented as nodes in a graph. Each node can have several properties which correspond to the properties of the word, such as the lemma form, the position in the sentence, the part-of-speech tag, etc. The dependencies are represented as arcs which connect the nodes. Each arc has a label for the dependency type.

DepSVG can also handle words with multiple heads. In the following picture, 'Fli-1' is both a subject and a control subject.

Example output with multiple heads

Download, install, usage

DepSVG is hosted by GitHub and can be downloaded from here. This page also contains a usage example.

The simplest way of obtaining the code is by cloning the repository:

git clone


DepSVG applied to the CoNLL data

Some notes:

DepSVG in action

Tools/resources that use DepSVG:

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