in Estonian

Press the microphone button, say an expression or a command, tap the resulting transcription to have the expression evaluated or command executed.

/convert one speed of light to yards per months/

/dial one one eight two/

/convert three gallons to cubic inches/

/set the timer for two hours and ten minutes/

/set the alarm to seven thirty one/

/nine hundred and ninety nine billion nine hundred and ninety nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine to the power of half/

/pie plus one minus two times three divided by four to the power of five/

/convert thirty two point five fahrenheits to degrees/

/convert one hundred point one miles per hours squared to meters per seconds squared/

/convert twelve thousand three hundred and forty five Norwegian crowns to Euros/

See more examples.

For more information, source code, issues list, downloads see the Arvutaja project page on GitHub.

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