Kõnele is an app that helps other apps to communicate with two online speech recognition servers, running the following software:

You can benefit from Kõnele either by implementing a new app and using an existing running server, or deploying a new server and using it from an existing app.

Calling Kõnele as an activity

Kõnele implements android.speech.RecognizerIntent actions ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH and ACTION_WEB_SEARCH, and supports its EXTRAs up to Android API level 3. In addition to the standard EXTRAs, Kõnele adds the following EXTRAs:

SERVER_URL URL Web address of the speech recognition server
GRAMMAR_URL URL Web address of a speech recognition grammar file
GRAMMAR_TARGET_LANG Comma-separated language codes One or more identifiers of languages into which the recognition server should translate the raw speech recognition output
PHRASE String Desired transcription (could be used for adaptation)
GET_AUDIO Boolean Return audio iff true
GET_AUDIO_FORMAT Mime type (only “audio/wav”) Audio format

(The GET_AUDIO EXTRAs are prefixed by android.speech.extra, all others by, e.g.

The full list of such additional EXTRAs (some of them only experimentally supported) is part of the speechutils-project.

Note that the end-user can override the server and grammar EXTRAs via the Kõnele settings, i.e. your app should not assume that the specified server or grammar was actually used.

If you know that Kõnele is available on the device and is the only one with the required features then you can call it directly, i.e. without any intermediate user-selection. To do this, build a Recognizer-intent that can only be serviced by Kõnele’s SpeechActionActivity.

    new ComponentName(

Calling Kõnele as a service

You can also call Kõnele via android.speech.SpeechRecognizer. In this case, please use EXTRA_CALLING_PACKAGE to identify your app for Kõnele.

To obtain a Kõnele-specific SpeechRecognizer-object, use the two-argument call to createSpeechRecognizer:

    new ComponentName(

The available services are:

  • (recommended; uses the continuous full-duplex server)
  • (uses the grammar-supporting server)

The above-listed EXTRAs are also supported when calling Kõnele as a service, with the exception of the GET_AUDIO EXTRAs.

Calling Kõnele via Android Debug Bridge (adb)

The following two adb shell commands

  • stop a running instance of Kõnele (if present)
  • start Kõnele in a mode where the expected input is an action command in English (e.g. “one plus two”) and the output is the corresponding expression (“1+2”), which gets opened in a web-browser
adb shell am force-stop; \
adb shell am start \
-n \
-a android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH \
-e android.speech.extra.LANGUAGE_MODEL "free_form" \
-e android.speech.extra.LANGUAGE "en-US" \
-e "" \
-e "App"

Sample code

Kõnele calls its own services via the standard interfaces (e.g. in view.SpeechInputView), and classes which contain “Demo” in their names contain sample code.

Here are links to open-source apps that use Kõnele: